Traditional Jewish food their meanings


Most traditional Jewish food is connected to specific holidays.

They are usually a reminder of a given holiday and events that occurred ages ago. According to the history of Jews, they were faced with a lot of challenges before they finally settled in the lands they occupy today.

They developed a way celebrating victory over such challenges. Also according to their history, God commissioned them to take some foods at particular time. With such ways of celebrating particular events and the commissioning the traditional Jewish food was born.

traditional Jewish food

Traditional Jewish food is highly connected to the kashrut laws. It is thoroughly prepared through high supervision and strict observation of the dietary laws.

Among the festive holidays is the Purim. It is usually celebrated for victory over Haman. Haman is believed to have ordered all Jews to be killed but through the intelligence of the Princess Esther and fasting of the Jews, Haman was killed instead.


The traditional food eaten for this festival is called Hametashen. It represents the shape of the three cornered hat Haman wore.

Traditional Jewish food the Passover.

Another highly celebrated feast is the Passover. It reminds the Jews of their salvation night from the slavery in Egypt. The main traditional food connected to these festivals is the Matzah of the unleavened bread. The bread was made in a hurry and the Israelites community had no time to let their dough rise.

It is usually taken with bitter herbs that act as a reminder of the pain their forefathers went through during their slavery period in Egypt. Among the bitter herbs mainly considered for this celebration is the horseradish.

Another traditional food connected to Passover is the charoses. It is a combination of apples, wine, nuts and cinnamon.  At the same time a roasted egg is also considered to represent life. Other traditional foods served under Passover celebrations are the chicken, vegetables and matzah brie.

Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah is the holiday marking the Jewish New Year. The main traditional food taken is apples dipped in honey to symbolize expectation of a sweet year.

Traditional Jewish food Rosh Hashanah.

The head of fish may also be taken to symbolize the ambition to lead and not to tail.

In addition, they eat pomegranates so that their year may be full and eat carrots cut into coins so that to have prosperity in the New Year.

Also in the list of the holidays cerebrated is the Yom Kippur which means Day of Atonement. The main traditional meal taken is chicken with potatoes. People are also served with challah dipped in honey. The Day of Atonement is usually followed by a thanksgiving day where daily products are the main traditional food.

Among the holidays is also the Sabbath. The meal taken is traditionally chicken, kugel and veggies. It is not in vain that Jews have these traditional foods. Indeed, it holds a lot of history which otherwise would be forgotten were it not for such traditional Jewish food. They also have a chance to celebrate what their forefathers it.





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