So you are starting to appreciate traditional Jewish food. Why stop at learning how to distinguish kosher food from non-kosher? Why limit yourself to dining in kosher restaurants? Why not study how to cook the Jewish way?

Like any other cuisine, as long as the ingredients are available and you have a recipe to follow, preparing traditional Jewish food should not be that hard.

Jewish Recipes

On that note, especially dedicated a page for Jewish recipes.

As of the moment, we are still collecting recipes. If you already have a Jewish recipe on hand, feel free to share it for the rest of Jewish food lovers to enjoy.

For better navigation, submission of Jewish recipes will be divided into the following categories:

Jewish Recipes for Holidays
Jewish Recipes for Everyday
Jewish Recipes – Soups
Jewish Recipes – Bread & Cake
Jewish Recipes – Sweets & Confections

Guidelines for Jewish Recipes Submission

1.All recipes should include:

  • The title/name of the dish
  • The main ingredients (with the quantity, of course)
  • Equipments needed (e.g. oven)
  • Step-by-step procedure
  • Number of servings

2.If, by any chance, the recipe you submitted is already posted by another member, your submission will not be published. With this in mind, it will be better if you check the recipes on the site before passing your own.