Kosher restaurants are all over the world

It goes without saying that a kosher restaurant is the place to go when you are craving for kosher food. Any establishment, be it a diner, a pizzeria, or a cafeteria, can be regarded as a kosher restaurant, as long as it serves food that follows the Jewish dietary laws.

Kosher restaurants are all over the world, just like the Jews. If a place is considered home of a Jewish community, you can bet that there will be a couple of kosher restaurants around the corner. Take New York City as an example. Seeing this particular city has lots of Jewish residents, it only follows that it has a significant number of kosher restaurants. In fact, New York City has the most number of kosher restaurants in United States.

Kosher Restaurant

Since the main reason why you are interested in a restaurant is the food, here are the foods that are commonly served in kosher restaurants:

If you are a pizza lover, you’d be glad to know that most kosher restaurants have pizza in their menu. That’s right. You can now experience pizza in a whole new level simply by visiting any kosher restaurant in the neighborhood.

If your going Kosher make it a point to have bagels available for customers. Expect bagels with different spreads, from bagels with lox to bagels with cream cheese.


If you are craving for a sandwich filled with shaved lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, or any other combination of meat, grab yourself a Shawarma. This dish is pretty much a regular in kosher restaurants.